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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hot Deal on Japanese Shogi Set at Tripleclicks until 10th December...

Japanese Shogi Set
Japanese-Games-Shop.com has just announced a 7 day "Hot Deal" for its already low cost Shogi Pieces & Paper Board set.

The set usually retails for $8.07 on TripleClicks.com, but from December 4th until December 10th the set is on offer for just $3.73, or over 50% off the regular retail price.

Asked to explain the set and the offer, David Hurley, owner of Japanese-Games-Shop.com said:

"This set of Japanese Chess Pieces plus a paper playing board would make an ideal stocking filler for anybody who loves playing games, whether a child or an adult.
"The Hot Deal is a good chance to introduce Shogi to a wider public and it's also a very economical way for people to try out Japanese chess."
Japanese Shogi Pieces with Paper Board & English Manual is reduced from $8.07 to $3.73 UNTIL 10th DECEMBER at:


You get full set of 42 Shogi pieces made from linden wood with black calligraphy characters on the front. The backs of “pieces that can be promoted” are marked with red characters. The set includes a paper playing board and full English instructions.

To take advantage of this offer, click the link:


The set will be shipped by airmail from Japan.