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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now You Can Earn Affiliate Commission On My Japanese Mahjong Sets!

Most of the Japanese mahjong sets currently available on Japanese-Mahjong.com are now being sold through the TripleClicks online marketplace.

Since it is free and easy to set up an account at Tripleclicks, it will be just as easy as before to purchase Japanese mahjong sets for worldwide shipping for customers in North America, EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, most Eastern European countries, and several Asian countries. I will now be able to set shipping costs for each region instead of charging a blanket shipping fee and then having to negotiate a more exact shipping fee with some customers as tended to happen when everything was sold directly through Paypal.

Also, people will now be able to earn commissions on any of my sets on TripleClicks that they link to. Great news for anybody else with a mahjong website or blog! All you need to do is join SFI, the company that runs the TripleClicks store. SFI is free and easy to join, so there is nothing to lose if you want to try and earn some commission selling my or other peoples goods.

David Hurley
Japanese Mahjong sets

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