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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Second Hand Mahjong Sets On TripleClicks...

The other day I was offered some rare Japanese mahjong sets from someone I do business with here in Hiroshima. They were too good for me to refuse so I took the lot!

Each mahjong is completely different and right now most of them are still available on the garage sale site where I post some of my listings:


Here's what's on offer:

1. Japanese Vintage Mahjong Set With Real Bamboo Tile-Backs

My guess is that this set is around 40-50 years old.

I used to sell a beautiful set with hand-fitted bamboo backs, but the last of the artisans retired a couple of years ago. (See this blog post.) The set on offer here is not so beautiful, but nor is it so expensive! And the second hand market is the only place where you can get this kind of set nowadays.

Vintage Mahjong Set With Bamboo Backs

2. Unusual Japanese "Hanfuda Motif" Mahjong Set

I'm reluctant to sell this set because I've never seen one like it before and I really want to use it! Hanafuda is a traditional "flower card" game in Japan. This set has a rare "Hanafuda" design motif that decorates the Character ("Man") suit and the Winds and Dragons and also features a completely unique "Woman with an umbrella" tile - again, taken from a Hanafuda design.

Unusual Japanese "Hanfuda Motif" Mahjong Set

3. Nintendo New Ivory Mahjong Set

This used to be a very popular Mahjong set that sold new for $300 (excluding shipping and handling) on the Internet until Nintendo stopped producing it a year or so ago.

The tiles are difficult to make because they have striations running through them just below the surface to give them an "ivory" effect.

Beautiful tiles, but not quite so robust as standard tiles. Some tiles in this set have hairline cracks on the backs, but even so, it is very difficult to find such a set nowadays, so I'm pleased to be able to offer "one more" New Ivory set for quite a lot less than the old price of $300.

Nintendo New Ivory Mahjong Set

ALSO LISTED: Washitsu "Akagi" Mahjong Set

This set I picked up new from my supplier. Washitsu Mahjong fans have been pestering me to sell this set on my website, http://japanese-mahjong.com, but to tell you the truth, it doesn't meet my quality standards so I don't list it on my site.

However, I'm happy to offer it on Tripleclicks and have finally got around to posting a full sized set - i.e. NOT one of the cheap mini-tile versions here:

Washitsu "Akagi" Mahjong Set

Happy browsing!

David Hurley

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