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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Japanese Mahjong Game Set

One of the most popular items in the range of mahjong sets sold on Japanese-Mahjong.com is the "Japanese Mahjong Game Set", a combination set consisting of Japanese mahjong tiles and a mahjong playing mat.
The mahjong game set comes complete with its own nylon carrying bag with five pockets along the outside for the mahjong tiles, scoring sticks, wind marker and dice.

The mahjong mat is the popular "JUNK" mat, which has a raised plastic frame with spaces for score sticks to be kept during the game. The frame can be dismantled and the mat rolled up and stored in the nylon bag.

The mat itself is made of SBR neoprene material (similar to the material used for wetsuits) and is water resistant and odourless.

The mahjong tiles included in the game set are classic Japanese riichi mahjong tiles. They are made by the Japanese chemical company, Taiyo Chemicals.

Included in the Japanese Mahjong Game Set are four "red fives" and four season tiles. The backs of the tiles are classic "bamboo" colour. The tiles are finished to Japanese production standards. The faces of the tiles are well defined, with clear characters and no "running". The tiles are also odourless.

Mahjong Dimensions

Tiles: 25.5 x 18.5 x 16mm

Mat: 690 x 690 x 4mm

Bag: 759 x 200mm

Set Weight: 3.1kg

The set is shipped worldwide from Japan by Express Mail Service and is available for purchase at Japanese-Mahjong.com.

David Hurley

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Green Tile Back Japanese Mahjong Set Now Available on TripleClicks!


The popular green-tile-back Japanese mahjong set is once again available over on http://tripleclicks.com/bargains.

At the moment only one is available. I only get hold of one set at a time so I offer them on a one-off basis on Tripleclicks rather than on my website, http://japanese-mahjong.com.

The tiles in this set are a bit heavier than the Standard Japanese Mahjong Set available on my site, but apart from that, and the colour of the tile backs, the specs are similar.

Anyway, now that the winter backlog of orders has been cleared I hope to be able to keep a small stock of green-backed sets available. I'm also hoping to add some new sets to my range later this month...

One more thing... I'm currently reading Jenn Barr's book, Reach Mahjong and will be reviewing it on my site shortly. Suffice it to say here that it is an entertaining read and a good introduction to Japanese Mahjong.

David Hurley

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