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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Japanese Mahjong Clipboard and Calculator on TripleClicks

When you play mahjong in a Japanese mahjong parlour you are provided with a clipboard that comes with a build-in electronic calculator and a score pad so that you can keep track of the scores over the course of the game.

I recently got hold of a few of these nifty numbers and last night I posted one of them on the Tripleclicks garage sale site.

The clipboard is made of robust plastic and has a large clip, a pen holder and a built-in calculator Canon solar powered electronic calculator... so your computations will not contribute to global warming.

The clipboard comes complete with a mahjong score pad and also has a score chart to help you work out the score of the winning hand.

No serious Japanese mahjong circle should be without a Japanese mahjong clipboard with built-in calculator!

David Hurley

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