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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Japanese Mahjong Clipboard and Calculator on TripleClicks

When you play mahjong in a Japanese mahjong parlour you are provided with a clipboard that comes with a build-in electronic calculator and a score pad so that you can keep track of the scores over the course of the game.

I recently got hold of a few of these nifty numbers and last night I posted one of them on the Tripleclicks garage sale site.

The clipboard is made of robust plastic and has a large clip, a pen holder and a built-in calculator Canon solar powered electronic calculator... so your computations will not contribute to global warming.

The clipboard comes complete with a mahjong score pad and also has a score chart to help you work out the score of the winning hand.

No serious Japanese mahjong circle should be without a Japanese mahjong clipboard with built-in calculator!

David Hurley

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Saki 2.0 Anime Mahjong Set now on Tripleclicks!

Saki anime mahjong set

Yesterday I uploaded a Saki 2.0 mahjong set to Tripleclicks. These sets are suddenly in demand in the wake of the popularity of the "Saki" mahjong anime series.

In case all this is new to you, "Saki" is about a high school girl who is an expert mahjong player because her family forced her to play, but would get angry if she won and punish her if she lost. She therefore developed enough expertise to deliberately keep her score at zero, neither winning nor losing.

When she joins her high school mahjong club she plays to win instead of breaking and her school team begins to make progress in the national mahjong championships of Japan...

Last month I posted a Saki 1.5 set on Tripleclicks, and now I am able to offer the Saki 2.0 set.

So what's the difference between these two sets?

1. The Saki 2.0 tile backs are dark blue, not pink.

2. The Saki 2.0 does not have the cute "Red-5-Coin" tile with keychain.

The design of the tile faces look similar to the 1.5. Check out the photos below (they are better quality than the ones on the Tripleclicks Saki Mahjong Set page:

Saki 2.0 Mahjong Set

Saki 2.0 Mahjong Tiles

Click here to find out more about the Saki 2.0 Mahjong Set.

David Hurley
Japanese Mahjong

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Unusual Nintendo "Sparkling Diamond" Mahjong Set on Tripleclicks...

Here are some photos of an unusual Japanese mahjong set that used to be produced by Nintendo, called the "Sparkling Diamond" set, or "houpai" in Japanese.

The unique feature of this set is the tile after which it takes its name, a single tile with an embedded "jewel" at the center of a four-pointed star with a red aurora around it.

Note also the "Nintendo turtle" hiding in the design of the 1-Coins ("ii-pin") tile.

The tiles in this set are still in their wrappers. Nintendo tiles are always good quality. However, this set has NO Red Fives. Actually, Japanese sets did not use to include Red Fives. Instead, if you wanted Red Fives you could ask your supplier to have some of the Fives in your set painted red.

The case is the original Nintendo case. The hinges and locks work and the interior is in good condition. However, it has suffered some wear and tear on the surface and edges.

I have posted the Nintendo Sparkling Diamond Japanese Mahjong Set on the Tripleclicks garage sale site. Click the link to view the set on Tripleclicks.


David Hurley
Japanese Mahjong

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