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Thursday, August 06, 2009

More Japanese Mahjong Sets on TripleClicks

I have been adding more mahjong special offers and one-off mahjong sets to the Tripleclicks garage sale site.

Today I have 5 different mahjong sets featured on the site, which either (a) are not featured on my main site at Japanese-Mahjong.com or (b) are available on my website but I am running a special offer on Tripleclicks.

Note, I am only offering one of each type of mahjong set at a time on Tripleclicks. So far the most popular item is the $35 Classic Japanese Mahjong Set.

This set is a real bargain because the Classic Japanese Mahjong Set costs $45 on my site, and the tiles are indistinguishable from the Sango set that goes for $55.

I am also offering a similar quality Japanese Mahjong set with GREEN TILE BACKS for $45.

I have a spare set of new "Classic" Japanese mahjong tiles that I posted on TripleClicks for just $25. Note, they are literally just "Japanese mahjong tiles", wrapped in their original wrapper, with no case, trays, game accessories etc.

Then there are the novelty sets...

1. Sushi Mahjong!

This is a great party version of mahjong and not to be taken too seriously... It is available on Tripleclicks for just $55.

2. Saki 1.5 Mahjong Set

This is a real collector's item for fans of the Saki manga series and of Japanese mahjong. This set came out in 2008 and cost about $100 at the time (i.e. around 10,000 Japanese yen) but has been featured on Amazon.co.jp and Yahoo.co.jp for prices of $500 and $1,000... So I don't think the set I am offering will be around for too long as it is going for just $175, despite being in excellent condition and complete.

I have already received several enquiries about this set and the later Saki 2.0 so if I can find some more sets and good prices I will certainly post them on Tripleclicks...

The best thing to do is to check this link from time to time and type "mahjong" into the search field:


David Hurley

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