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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Japanese Akagi Mahjong Set on TripleClicks

A full-sized Japanese Akagi Mahjong Set is currently available on TripleClicks.com.

Three quarters of the tiles of an Akagi Mahjong Set are completely transparent, the remaining quarter being standard white/bamboo style. The tiles are pulled out of a hole in the table and the players each wear a glove so they can't cheat by reading the tile face with their thumb.

Akagi Mahjong Sets became popular in Japan after the success of the Japanese manga comic series "Akagi" and the exploits of its eponymous hero.

Check out the Japanese Akagi Mahjong Set by clicking this link! There is only one set available on the site, so if you are looking to buy a set, hurry over there and secure it right away!

David Hurley

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