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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy Red Sweating Sparrow Yakitori Tesserae Are BACK!!

Yosh! A long out-of-stock item returns!

The crazy red sweating sparrow Yakitori tesserae are back with a vengeance and available at: Japanese-Games-Shop.com .

In Japanese mahjong, the Yakitori tile is an optional extra. You have to keep your Yakitori on the table until you complete a hand. If at the end of a game you still have your Yakitori on the table, you have to pay the other players a fine! That is what makes the red sparrow look so miserable... it has been skewered!


The Vinyl Hanafuda Deck Is Back!

Just a quick post to inform Hanafuda fans that the popular "Vinyl Hanafuda Deck" is once again available on Japanese-Games-Shop.com.

I was able to get hold of a few decks on Monday evening and updated my site on Thursday morning. Not sure how many more of these decks are going to be available, but FOR NOW, they are back!

Best wishes,

David Hurley