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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back from my Holidays! The JGS Spring Clean Is Now Underway!

Blore Hall, Peak District, February 2009: Heading for our early morning swim...

Bodiam Castle, Sussex, England, March 2nd 2009

Two and a half weeks in England and hardly any time spent on a computer!

The upper photo shows my daughter in front of Blore Hall, where we stayed for a week. It is about 7am and we are off to have a swim and a sauna.

The lower photo is of Bodiam Castle in Sussex. We spent the last few days of our holiday in the Weald of Kent close to the sussex border and as my daughter had told me she wanted to visit a castle in England (in search of Prince Charming, I think), Bodiam was the ideal choice.

It is now two and a half weeks since we returned to Japan and I have only just got around to updating Japanese-Games-Shop.com. It was in dire need of a spring clean!

Here is what I did to the site yesterday evening, this afternoon and this evening:

  • Added a 23-rod and a 27-rod Tomoe abacus to the Japanese Soroban page.
  • Updated the manga pages: Some of Kodansha's bilingual manga are difficult to get hold of now, so I have replaced my own listings with Amazon.com listings.
  • Posted new photos of the Nintendo New Ivory Mahjong Set on Japanese-Mahjong.com and updated the product page.
  • Put in some major renovation work on the Hanafuda page. One link on that page directed people to a former website of mine that died more than two years ago!! All is spick and span now, dead links have been cropped, new Amazon listings have been added and the Hanafuda-Style Playing Cards are available again.
  • The Shogi pages had gradually degenerated as stocks ran out towards the end of last year. Also, for some reason, one of the new sets was not showing. I have now re-listed the Hanayama Honkaku Shogi Set and added a new full-sized economy set, Shogi In A Box, which I think will prove popular. The Shogi pages are a work in progress at present.

Shogi In A Box

Tomoe 23-Rod Soroban - Get your head round that!

There will be several more announcements coming shortly... New shogi koma and possibly boards too... New mahjong accessories... and some completely new lines of goods too...

Watch this space!

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