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Monday, September 29, 2008

How Many Shogi Koma Make Up A Single Set Of Pieces?

Feedback and enquiries from customers or potential customers is always informative!

Here is an email I received just now:

"About the shogi pieces, when you write "complete set of pieces" is that for one or two players?
Just to know how many I need to buy."

That is a very good question! It is also helps me to see things better from the customer's point of view. When I wrote the phrase "complete set of pieces" it seemed obvious to me that it meant 40 pieces - enough for two players to play a game of shogi.

But, actually, it is not so obvious. Just because I deal with shogi sets every day and am used to my own terminology does not mean that it is clear to someone who might be interested in buying a set from me. The customer comes to my site with no prior knowledge of me or the goods I offer.

So, let's be clear about this... my website offers "complete sets of shogi pieces that contain 40 pieces - all the pieces that two players need to play a game on one board". (Some sets include a spare piece, to make a total of 41 pieces!)

David Hurley

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At 9:35 pm, Anonymous Codexus said...

I think what you meant to say is 40 pieces (or 41 with the extra backup pawn in some sets) ;) Maybe you forgot to count the rooks and bishops?

At 1:32 pm, Anonymous David Hurley said...

Thank you for pointing that out! There are indeed 40 pieces in a complete shogi set!!

So much for my "being clear"!! LOL


At 4:56 pm, Anonymous David Hurley said...

I have now corrected the post.


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