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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Japanese Mini Mahjong Set With Transparent Tiles!

I have just updated my range of Japanese mahjong sets to include a new Mini Mahjong Set With Transparent Tiles

One improvement, I think, is the new-style Japanese acrylic mini mj set I just added. Now every single tile is transparent, so you can watch your opponents' every move - but go careful how you read those difficult character tiles!!

The craze for playing with transparent mahjong tiles developed out of the Akagi manga series, in which the hero, Akagi has to play in a game using a set of tiles with 3 out of 4 tiles being transparent. If he loses he has to have so much blood drawn from his body... If he keeps on losing and he'll die of blood loss...

The mini mj set is really a novelty or party set, or a portable holiday set. The score sticks and dice are also mini-size. The dice are especially microscopic!!

Check out the Japanese Mini Mahjong Transparent Tile Set!

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At 2:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does a duplicate of this set exist with opaque tiles? In that case, I will buy both so that I can play Extended Washizu Mahjong

At 9:23 pm, Blogger David Hurley said...


Yes, opaque mini sets also exist.

I am going to add a FULL SIZE Akagi set to my website shortly - probably in the new year.

At 6:43 am, Blogger Ian said...

Would love an opaque mini set ... particularly if you could get hold of a dark opaque set (black maybe?) rather than white.

I have seen many cheap tacky plastic chinese sets but if you could get a Riichi set like this BUT FROSTED so it is opaque and really useable I'm sure many would be interested

Let me know


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