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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Japanese Study Dictionary Added To Listings!

I just removed the Japanese Buddhist Proverb Dictionary from my listings as it seems no longer to be available.

However, I have replaced it with an excellent Japanese language study tool:

The "Yoji Jukugo Jiten"

That is to say, being interpreted, the "Four-Character Japanese Idiom Dictionary".

As readers of one of my other blogs will be aware, Japanese words or idioms consisting of four characters (or Kanji) are the ultimate challenge of language proficiency, so getting some of them learned by heart is a must for the ambitious student of Japanese...

Here is a small selection of the yoji jukugo featured in the dictionary:

  • Isshokenmei Isshokenmei ni yarimashita (I gave it everything I had.)
  • Jigojitoku Jigojitoku da. (You brought it upon yourself.)
  • Anchumosaku (Groping in the dark.)
  • Bozenjishitsu (So completely disoriented that you have lost sight of yourself.)
  • Gyokusekikonko (A jumble of jewels and rocks; a mixed bag.)

The dictionary costs just $3.50 and is available from http://japanese-games-shop.com/nihongo.html

David Hurley

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