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Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Pruning and Planting!

The cherry blossom season has come and gone in Hiroshima and now the dogwood trees are out in bloom.

Meanwhile, over at Japanese-Games-Shop.com some pottering, pruning and planting has been going on behind the scenes....

Some items have been pruned from the listings.


  • Various sized mahjong dice - hardly an "in demand" line since most sets come with dice supplied. Then, when an order comes in I can rely on my supplier to be "out of stock" in the particular size and colour I require!!
  • Plywood Shogi boards. Supplies became erratic in this neck of the woods.
  • Beige Shogi cloths... Supplies seem to be erratic but a few still get through...


  • An "curvacious" style of high-quality hand-crafted Shogi koma.
  • Glass Shogi sets!!
  • Plastic Shogi playing mats.
  • Igo boards
  • Igo stones
  • Igo bowls
  • Novelty character (Doraemon?) mini igo sets

In short, authentic Japanese games lovers, "Watch this space"!!

David Hurley


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