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Sunday, March 16, 2008

**NEW** Japanese Gift Certificates!

Thanks to the versatility of Paypal, I have been able to add an exciting new feature to the front page of Japanese-Games-Shop.com - Paypal Gift Certificates!

That means it is now possible for you to solve your present-buying problems by sending your friend or relative a gift certificate which can be cashed in at my website!!

Gift certificates range from an economical $10 to a positively generous $1,000 (just in case you'd like to treat your loved one to a pair of hand made Jun Hitoe vases from the Nishimoto Gallery ).


Property For Sale in Japan!

If you think buying your own house in Japan would be expensive, think again...

You can get a detached two-storey house in a pleasant hillside location not far from Hiroshima Station for just ¥9,000,000, or $90,000. True, it is in need of renovation, but the property company whose books it is on informs me that they can completely renovate the interior for ¥5,000,000. 

For further details, drop me a line via the form on the front page of Japanese-Games-Shop.com

David Hurley

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