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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two New Items Uploaded to Japanese Games Shop

A couple of new items have been added to the listings this week.

Economy Shogi Board

Firstly there is an economy non-folding shogi board to announce.

It is made of plywood reinforced along its edges so it is light but reasonably robust.

It sits nice and flat and provides a smooth playing surface that looks similar to the surface of solid wooden boards.

The best news is that the all-in cost of the board plus shipping and handling is just $10.

Check it out here.

Hiragana Playing Cards

I have just uploaded details of a novelty item for Japanese language learners who want some help in mastering the phonetic Hiragana script: Hiragana Playing Cards!

The cards can be used as regular playing cards or used to study the Hiragana.

Each card has one of the letters of the Hiragana syllabary on it and a picture of something that begins with that letter. The name of the thing is also given so you can study individual letters and also practise reading and learning whole words.

You can also combine regular cards and Hiragana study by playing a popular memory game called Shinkeisuijaku in Japanese (i.e. Pelmanism, or "pairs" in English) and enjoy a double memory-training bonus of playing to win the matching game and increased familiarity with the Hiragana syllabary!

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