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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hirohurl is Dead! Long Live Japanese-Games-Shop!

A couple of weeks ago hirohurl.net went dead! The domain name was supposed to renew automatically, but it didn't. By the time I was able to do anything about it the name had been snapped up by a shark who I presume was hoping that I'd buy it back from him at an inflated price.

I didn't, and if you head over there you will find a link farm.

Mindful that "Crisis = Opportunity" I decided to break up the site into its constituent parts, each with its own domain name, and today the Japanese Shop has been relaunched at:-


Regular visitors will recognize the familiar format - somewhat tweaked and improved upon, I hope - and offering the same range of games and goods as before...

So, we are back in business. Today, even before the launch, Japanese-Games-Shop.com made its first sale - the search engine spiders must have been over the site already!

As well as http://japanese-games-shop.com, three other sites are up and running in various states of development. They are:-




I am hoping to launch two more sites over the course of the long and humid Japanese summer!

Best wishes,

David Hurley



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