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Friday, May 25, 2007

HerbaGreen Teas Now Available at Japanese-Games-Shop.com!

In April 2007 Japanese-Games-Shop.com affiliated with SFI marketing group and has recently added their range of HerbaGreen Teas to Japanese-Games-Shop.com.

Naturally sweetened with lo han fruit extract--which promotes fat burning and soothes the digestion process - HerbaGreen Teas also contain lotus leaf (rich in isoflavones), kudzu (for promoting circulation), and 100mg of polyphenols, equivalent to at least 15 cups of the strongest brewed green tea.

PLUS - HerbaGreen Teas contain NO calories or caffeine.

Each bottle equals 60 servings.

Choose from among Original flavor, Heavenly Honey Lemon, or Mandarin Mango Swirl. Then, simply add a dropper full to hot, warm, or cold water and stir for a naturally delicious, wonderfully healthy drink!

* Maintains healthy cells, cell growth and development.
* Supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
* Promotes healthy weight control by blocking carbohydrate absorption.
* Fights damaging free-radicals, which attack healthy cells and promote aging.
* Supports the immune system.
* Helps the body maintain its toxin-free condition.
* Promotes healthy blood sugar balance.
* Supports dental and optimal gum health.


Scientific documentation has shown that the majority of the therapeutic benefits of green tea are due to the polyphenols. Steeping a tea bag in hot water is a very inefficient means of extracting these polyphenols. HerbaGreen Tea contains concentrated extracts, with over 90% polyphenols. One serving provides 115 mg of plyphenols, the equivalent of more than 15 cups of brewed "tea bag" green tea.

Furthermore, a lot of green tea from tea bags contains caffeine, which many people want to avoid. HerbaGreen Tea has only caffeine-free green tea extracts. You get ALL the benefits of green tea polyphenols with HerbaGreen Tea!

Finally, each small bottle of HerbaGreen Tea is a much more convenient source of healthful antioxidants for a busy lifestyle. Just add a single dropper into your water bottle and enjoy while working out, walking, or on the go... or add some tea into your water while dining out.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shipping Costs of Pilot Pens Fixed $5! - No Matter How Many You Buy!!

Yes folks, its true!

I've been meaning to do it...

I've been promising myself to do it...

I've never quite got around to doing it...

Well, I had some free time today and you know what? -


From May 2007 you can buy as many pens as you like and just pay $5 shipping and handling! Buy one Pilot pen, or one hundred, and you'll pay the same fixed $5 for ALL shipping and handling, Paypal and packaging, sweat-of-the-brow and shoeleather charges!

Oh, and I also fixed the "turning Japanese" Paypal order form phenomenon - or at least it looks good from where I'm sitting here in Hiroshima right bang smack in the middle of Golden Week.

Thanks to J. J. from San Francisco for the feedback that finally spurred me into action. Free pens will be winging their way to you with your next order!

Happy Golden Week!