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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hand Made Ceramics by Two Master Craftsmen from Hiroshima.

A section dealing with Japanese arts and crafts has recently been added to Japanese-Games-Shop.com. The first page to be uploaded introduces the works of two noted Hiroshima ceramics craftsmen.

Every item they produce is hand made.

The father, Nishimoto Eisen, works in the traditional style of the Jomon era, producing ceramics reminiscent of those of pre-historic Japan.

Nishimoto Eisen's son, Nishimoto Naofumi, works in a contemporary style to produce ceramic vessels for everyday use as well as vases and more abstract ornamental pieces.

Both potters have received several prizes for their ceramics in Japan and on the international stage.

Samples of their works can be viewed at: http://www.japanese-games-shop.com/geijutsu/nishimoto.html

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