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Monday, March 05, 2007

Backlog Cleared! Mahjong Shop Expanded!

Good news folks! The backlog that accumulated while I was away for a couple of weeks has now been cleared. The last big batch went out this afternoon...

Mahjong Shop
I have just added several Japanese mahjong sets to the range over at http://japanese-mahjong.com/mjgoods.html.

So now, as well as the classy "all black" mahjong set, the quirky "Sushi mahjong" set and the popular "bog-standard" Japanese set there is also a range of premium and deluxe mahjong sets to choose from.

The new sets are all made in Japan to Japanese specifications and a variety of styles.

Here is a selection of what is on offer:

  • "Family" Mahjong Set - a well-finished standard set.
  • "Bara" Black-Backed Mahjong Set - a set with black backs and white faces.
  • "Yamato" Mahjong Set - a classic mid-range set
  • "Hikari" Mahjong Set - a stylish green-backed set with a special "diamond bonus" tile.
  • "Ran" Mahjong Set - a deluxe set with a high quality finish in a special calligraphic style.
  • Two deluxe sets in baize cases by NINTENDO.
  • Big Tile Mahjong Set.



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