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Monday, March 12, 2007

Nintendo's Yakuman "New Ivory" Mahjong Set now available at Hirohurl!

Nintendo's deluxe Yakuman "New Ivory" mahjong set must surely be the best modern Japanese mahjong set on the market today.

Most modern mahjong tiles are made using some sort of nylon or plastic polymer, but the difference in quality between the cheapest and the most expensive sets is immense.

When looking for a quality mahjong set careful consideration should be given to the tiles. How substantial do they feel in the hand? Usually, the more substantial the tiles feel, the better their value. Cheap tiles have a light toy-like feel to them.

Colour quality is another important consideration. Good quality mahjong sets do not have a the bright sheen of cheap plastics. Good tiles tend to be creamier of hue rather than gloss white. Standard mahjong sets recreate the ivory-and-bamboo combination of antique sets through the use of white or cream plastic for the main body of the tile and a bamboo colour for the back. More expensive sets reproduce the off-white shade of ivory. The very best sets, such as Nintendo's "New Ivory" set, shown above, recreate the striations that run through ivory. It goes without saying that to achieve this effect on, or in, a plastic tile while at the same time reproducing the tile character on top is a complex procedure.

Another key point is the design of the characters on the face of the tiles. How clearly delineated are they? How accurately has the paint or dye been applied? Many of the more exclusive sets also use original designs. If you are familiar with standard Japanese mahjong sets you may notice a certain amount of effort has been put into giving the Nintendo sets featured on my website a certain distinctive style - such work is usually most evident in the cursive quality of the Character suit.

Some mid-range sets go in for quite flashy detailing to point up their uniqueness. The Nintendo sets occupy a classier cachet; the detail on the tiles is distinctive but understated.

To find out more about the Nintendo Yakuman "New Ivory" set as well as the other Japanese mahjong sets now in stock at the Hirohurl Jshop, click here. You can view close up photos of the "New Ivory" set here.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Backlog Cleared! Mahjong Shop Expanded!

Good news folks! The backlog that accumulated while I was away for a couple of weeks has now been cleared. The last big batch went out this afternoon...

Mahjong Shop
I have just added several Japanese mahjong sets to the range over at http://japanese-mahjong.com/mjgoods.html.

So now, as well as the classy "all black" mahjong set, the quirky "Sushi mahjong" set and the popular "bog-standard" Japanese set there is also a range of premium and deluxe mahjong sets to choose from.

The new sets are all made in Japan to Japanese specifications and a variety of styles.

Here is a selection of what is on offer:

  • "Family" Mahjong Set - a well-finished standard set.
  • "Bara" Black-Backed Mahjong Set - a set with black backs and white faces.
  • "Yamato" Mahjong Set - a classic mid-range set
  • "Hikari" Mahjong Set - a stylish green-backed set with a special "diamond bonus" tile.
  • "Ran" Mahjong Set - a deluxe set with a high quality finish in a special calligraphic style.
  • Two deluxe sets in baize cases by NINTENDO.
  • Big Tile Mahjong Set.