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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back from my hols...

I have just got back to Japan after spending a couple of weeks on holiday in England. Inevitably, another backlog of orders has accumulated and I shall spend the rest of this week clearing it...

If you have purchased anything from the shop in February...

Taihen omataseshimashita! (Sorry to have kept you waiting!)

Then, in March, hirohurl.net is set to expand, with new products being added to the existing range and also a couple of new sections which will take us into uncharted territory!

Among other things, the existing range of Japanese games and gaming accessories will be expanded to include:

  • a series of exclusive high-quality Japanese mahjong sets.
  • more shogi sets.
  • cloth and leatherette roll-up shogi boards.

Two new sections are to be added to hirohurl.net. They will feature original works of Japanese art and craftsmanship:

  • Japanese pottery: traditional and modern handmade items from the workshop of Eisen Nishimoto and Eisen Naofumi.
  • Original Japanese woodblock prints.

As well as those projects, I am hoping to be able to add several other items to the existing range of products, so keep your eyes glued to hirohurl.net for the new and exciting developments in spring 2007 folks!