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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Japanese Mahjong Yakitori Tiles - New!! "Sweating Sparrow"

If you play the Japanese version of mahjong you may be accustomed to the familiar site of a tile with a picture of a skewered sparrow on it! It is a flat tile, similar in size to the Wind Marker and it sits to the right of each player until he has completed a hand. Any player who fails to complete a hand through the course of a game is said to be "Yakitori" - skewered and grilled sparrow!

I offer a couple of styles of Yakitori tile on the Japanese mahjong goods section of my site. Just recently I have been able to add a third design to my range of tiles. This one is a sweating sparrow. A set of four costs just $15 (plus S&H) and can be purchased via Paypal at Japanese-Games-Shop.com.



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