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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tomy Pocketmate Games Make Great Stocking-Fillers!

With the Christmas shopping season looming the desperate search for inspiration - or simply for a range of quick and easy stocking fillers - is looming. Japanese toy company Tomy's range of "Pocketmate" games brilliantly fills the void - and the stocking!!

Most of the games in the Tomy Pocketmate series make use of ball bearings but each one has a novel kind of twist that takes them beyond most pocket games of a similar size.

A typical game is self-contained and usually features some kind of shooting action, such as "Baseball Game" or "Crazy Machine Gun." A couple of others require you to negotiate a maze either avoiding traps, or getting through within a limited time.

Games such as "The Tennis" and "Golf Game" are played "outside the box" - in the first case the box opens up to form a miniature tennis court, while in the second you can take a plastic golf "player" with a metal golf "club" around a 9-hole golf course which you construct by putting three parts of a golf green together in different combinations!

At the moment six of these games are available on my site:

1. Baseball Game
2. Shogi - Japanese chess; the only game that does not feature a ball!
3. Maze Game
5. Crazy Machine Gun Game
10. Golf Game
11. Smartball Game

In the next few days I will be adding six more games from the Pocketmate range to my site:

4. Hole In Golf Game
6. Combat Tank Game
7. Clean Tennis Game
8. Time Trap Game 
9. Target Range Game
12. Marble Catch Game

After that there will be just one more game to go for the whole range to be covered!


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