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Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Japanese Mahjong Sets & Accessories...

It has been a hot busy summer here in Hiroshima, but not fruitless as I have been able to expand the range of mahjong sets and accessories available on my website.

As well as the leading hirohurl product - the dead cool all-black tile mahjong set - there is now a more traditional white and bamboo coloured set available. Apart from the colour of the tiles, the set is made to a similar high quality as the black set.

A new novelty mini set has recently appeared on the Japanese scene. Three quarters of the tiles are made of acrylic and are transparent. The remaining quarter are standard white and bamboo plastic so you get to be able to peek at a part of the other player's hands. I guess the standard tiles can be arranged to fool the other players about the structure of your hand...

Every mj set on my site is made to Japanese specs with none of those annoying Arabic numerals that you see on western sets!

Apart from mj sets, I have added a range of accessories such as a nice chunky Japanese Wind Marker and a range of Japanese style dice - the "1" spot on white dice is larger than the rest, and painted red.

There are also some novely spherical dice - and yes, they always come to rest with a number upwards!


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