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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Most Ecologically Sound Japanese Mahjong Set?

Is this the world's first recycled mahjong set? It's made of PET (actually, R-PET, the "R" standing for "recycled"), the kind of plastic that soft drinks bottles are made of here in Japan.

It is produced by Taiyo Chemicals, the Japanese chemicals and plastics company.

I just added the set to my listings over at http://japanese-games-shop, and blogged about it on the same site. See:


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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hot Deal on Japanese Shogi Set at Tripleclicks until 10th December...

Japanese Shogi Set
Japanese-Games-Shop.com has just announced a 7 day "Hot Deal" for its already low cost Shogi Pieces & Paper Board set.

The set usually retails for $8.07 on TripleClicks.com, but from December 4th until December 10th the set is on offer for just $3.73, or over 50% off the regular retail price.

Asked to explain the set and the offer, David Hurley, owner of Japanese-Games-Shop.com said:

"This set of Japanese Chess Pieces plus a paper playing board would make an ideal stocking filler for anybody who loves playing games, whether a child or an adult.
"The Hot Deal is a good chance to introduce Shogi to a wider public and it's also a very economical way for people to try out Japanese chess."
Japanese Shogi Pieces with Paper Board & English Manual is reduced from $8.07 to $3.73 UNTIL 10th DECEMBER at:


You get full set of 42 Shogi pieces made from linden wood with black calligraphy characters on the front. The backs of “pieces that can be promoted” are marked with red characters. The set includes a paper playing board and full English instructions.

To take advantage of this offer, click the link:


The set will be shipped by airmail from Japan.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now You Can Earn Affiliate Commission On My Japanese Mahjong Sets!

Most of the Japanese mahjong sets currently available on Japanese-Mahjong.com are now being sold through the TripleClicks online marketplace.

Since it is free and easy to set up an account at Tripleclicks, it will be just as easy as before to purchase Japanese mahjong sets for worldwide shipping for customers in North America, EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, most Eastern European countries, and several Asian countries. I will now be able to set shipping costs for each region instead of charging a blanket shipping fee and then having to negotiate a more exact shipping fee with some customers as tended to happen when everything was sold directly through Paypal.

Also, people will now be able to earn commissions on any of my sets on TripleClicks that they link to. Great news for anybody else with a mahjong website or blog! All you need to do is join SFI, the company that runs the TripleClicks store. SFI is free and easy to join, so there is nothing to lose if you want to try and earn some commission selling my or other peoples goods.

David Hurley
Japanese Mahjong sets

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Second Hand Mahjong Sets On TripleClicks...

The other day I was offered some rare Japanese mahjong sets from someone I do business with here in Hiroshima. They were too good for me to refuse so I took the lot!

Each mahjong is completely different and right now most of them are still available on the garage sale site where I post some of my listings:


Here's what's on offer:

1. Japanese Vintage Mahjong Set With Real Bamboo Tile-Backs

My guess is that this set is around 40-50 years old.

I used to sell a beautiful set with hand-fitted bamboo backs, but the last of the artisans retired a couple of years ago. (See this blog post.) The set on offer here is not so beautiful, but nor is it so expensive! And the second hand market is the only place where you can get this kind of set nowadays.

Vintage Mahjong Set With Bamboo Backs

2. Unusual Japanese "Hanfuda Motif" Mahjong Set

I'm reluctant to sell this set because I've never seen one like it before and I really want to use it! Hanafuda is a traditional "flower card" game in Japan. This set has a rare "Hanafuda" design motif that decorates the Character ("Man") suit and the Winds and Dragons and also features a completely unique "Woman with an umbrella" tile - again, taken from a Hanafuda design.

Unusual Japanese "Hanfuda Motif" Mahjong Set

3. Nintendo New Ivory Mahjong Set

This used to be a very popular Mahjong set that sold new for $300 (excluding shipping and handling) on the Internet until Nintendo stopped producing it a year or so ago.

The tiles are difficult to make because they have striations running through them just below the surface to give them an "ivory" effect.

Beautiful tiles, but not quite so robust as standard tiles. Some tiles in this set have hairline cracks on the backs, but even so, it is very difficult to find such a set nowadays, so I'm pleased to be able to offer "one more" New Ivory set for quite a lot less than the old price of $300.

Nintendo New Ivory Mahjong Set

ALSO LISTED: Washitsu "Akagi" Mahjong Set

This set I picked up new from my supplier. Washitsu Mahjong fans have been pestering me to sell this set on my website, http://japanese-mahjong.com, but to tell you the truth, it doesn't meet my quality standards so I don't list it on my site.

However, I'm happy to offer it on Tripleclicks and have finally got around to posting a full sized set - i.e. NOT one of the cheap mini-tile versions here:

Washitsu "Akagi" Mahjong Set

Happy browsing!

David Hurley

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Japanese Mahjong Game Set

One of the most popular items in the range of mahjong sets sold on Japanese-Mahjong.com is the "Japanese Mahjong Game Set", a combination set consisting of Japanese mahjong tiles and a mahjong playing mat.
The mahjong game set comes complete with its own nylon carrying bag with five pockets along the outside for the mahjong tiles, scoring sticks, wind marker and dice.

The mahjong mat is the popular "JUNK" mat, which has a raised plastic frame with spaces for score sticks to be kept during the game. The frame can be dismantled and the mat rolled up and stored in the nylon bag.

The mat itself is made of SBR neoprene material (similar to the material used for wetsuits) and is water resistant and odourless.

The mahjong tiles included in the game set are classic Japanese riichi mahjong tiles. They are made by the Japanese chemical company, Taiyo Chemicals.

Included in the Japanese Mahjong Game Set are four "red fives" and four season tiles. The backs of the tiles are classic "bamboo" colour. The tiles are finished to Japanese production standards. The faces of the tiles are well defined, with clear characters and no "running". The tiles are also odourless.

Mahjong Dimensions

Tiles: 25.5 x 18.5 x 16mm

Mat: 690 x 690 x 4mm

Bag: 759 x 200mm

Set Weight: 3.1kg

The set is shipped worldwide from Japan by Express Mail Service and is available for purchase at Japanese-Mahjong.com.

David Hurley

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Green Tile Back Japanese Mahjong Set Now Available on TripleClicks!


The popular green-tile-back Japanese mahjong set is once again available over on http://tripleclicks.com/bargains.

At the moment only one is available. I only get hold of one set at a time so I offer them on a one-off basis on Tripleclicks rather than on my website, http://japanese-mahjong.com.

The tiles in this set are a bit heavier than the Standard Japanese Mahjong Set available on my site, but apart from that, and the colour of the tile backs, the specs are similar.

Anyway, now that the winter backlog of orders has been cleared I hope to be able to keep a small stock of green-backed sets available. I'm also hoping to add some new sets to my range later this month...

One more thing... I'm currently reading Jenn Barr's book, Reach Mahjong and will be reviewing it on my site shortly. Suffice it to say here that it is an entertaining read and a good introduction to Japanese Mahjong.

David Hurley

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Japanese Games & Stuff Backlog Management!

A belated "Happy New Year" to Japanese games lovers around the world!

I was away for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year holiday and on my return to Japan I was faced with a backlog of orders which I am still dealing with...

I hope to clear the backlog by the end of next week and also to turn around new orders at something like the usual pace...

What is the usual pace for turning orders around at Japanese-Games-Shop.com?

It really depends on what you order because I don't keep large stocks of goods and usually have to obtain the items from one or other of my suppliers as orders come in.

I then have to fit packing and posting into my regular schedule. Please bear in mind when ordering from my website that Japanese-Games-Shop.com is a one-man show... When not packing and posting, I am usually gadding about fulfilling my duties as a freelance English teacher, English language consultant, article writer, independent and part-time academic, father, husband, mahjong player, and superannuated footballer... When it comes to football, I'm going for the double record of (1) longest serving player in the Hiroshima City League and (2) the oldest player ever. I still have several years to go before I break the second record, which is held by a Japanese player who retired at the age of 56 or something...

Ideally, if the item is in stock and I have a light schedule, I can ship the item within 24 hours of receiving the order. If not, then 2-4 days if all goes well, but if you order on a Tuesday, then the order can be delayed simply because Wed-Fri is the busy end of my week...

Of course, things can also be slowed down when my suppliers are slow or when things are out of stock or simply "unavailable". In those cases I email customers to see whether they are willing to wait or want a refund.

I had a backlog of over 30 items to ship...

Yesterday I shipped 13 items, today another five items. If I have time I hope to ship another three or four items tomorrow... In the meantime, several new orders have come in, so there is still a backlog to deal with.

Feel free to drop me a line before your order if you want to know the state of play... But do bear in mind that time spent responding to inquiries means less time for packing and shipping!


David H

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Japanese Mahjong Clipboard and Calculator on TripleClicks

When you play mahjong in a Japanese mahjong parlour you are provided with a clipboard that comes with a build-in electronic calculator and a score pad so that you can keep track of the scores over the course of the game.

I recently got hold of a few of these nifty numbers and last night I posted one of them on the Tripleclicks garage sale site.

The clipboard is made of robust plastic and has a large clip, a pen holder and a built-in calculator Canon solar powered electronic calculator... so your computations will not contribute to global warming.

The clipboard comes complete with a mahjong score pad and also has a score chart to help you work out the score of the winning hand.

No serious Japanese mahjong circle should be without a Japanese mahjong clipboard with built-in calculator!

David Hurley

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Saki 2.0 Anime Mahjong Set now on Tripleclicks!

Saki anime mahjong set

Yesterday I uploaded a Saki 2.0 mahjong set to Tripleclicks. These sets are suddenly in demand in the wake of the popularity of the "Saki" mahjong anime series.

In case all this is new to you, "Saki" is about a high school girl who is an expert mahjong player because her family forced her to play, but would get angry if she won and punish her if she lost. She therefore developed enough expertise to deliberately keep her score at zero, neither winning nor losing.

When she joins her high school mahjong club she plays to win instead of breaking and her school team begins to make progress in the national mahjong championships of Japan...

Last month I posted a Saki 1.5 set on Tripleclicks, and now I am able to offer the Saki 2.0 set.

So what's the difference between these two sets?

1. The Saki 2.0 tile backs are dark blue, not pink.

2. The Saki 2.0 does not have the cute "Red-5-Coin" tile with keychain.

The design of the tile faces look similar to the 1.5. Check out the photos below (they are better quality than the ones on the Tripleclicks Saki Mahjong Set page:

Saki 2.0 Mahjong Set

Saki 2.0 Mahjong Tiles

Click here to find out more about the Saki 2.0 Mahjong Set.

David Hurley
Japanese Mahjong

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Unusual Nintendo "Sparkling Diamond" Mahjong Set on Tripleclicks...

Here are some photos of an unusual Japanese mahjong set that used to be produced by Nintendo, called the "Sparkling Diamond" set, or "houpai" in Japanese.

The unique feature of this set is the tile after which it takes its name, a single tile with an embedded "jewel" at the center of a four-pointed star with a red aurora around it.

Note also the "Nintendo turtle" hiding in the design of the 1-Coins ("ii-pin") tile.

The tiles in this set are still in their wrappers. Nintendo tiles are always good quality. However, this set has NO Red Fives. Actually, Japanese sets did not use to include Red Fives. Instead, if you wanted Red Fives you could ask your supplier to have some of the Fives in your set painted red.

The case is the original Nintendo case. The hinges and locks work and the interior is in good condition. However, it has suffered some wear and tear on the surface and edges.

I have posted the Nintendo Sparkling Diamond Japanese Mahjong Set on the Tripleclicks garage sale site. Click the link to view the set on Tripleclicks.


David Hurley
Japanese Mahjong

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